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Promoting the Mental Health of Young Australians


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Our Vision

Thinking Positive exists to help Australian organisations working with young people, to promote their mental health and wellbeing and help them navigate life’s challenges with a healthy vision for their future.

Many such organisations are run by passionate and caring people,  on volunteer power and with limited resources.


We invite your organisation to partner with us so that you can benefit from our DGR  status, receipting and donor care and increase your team’s impact.

What We Do

Thinking Positive partners with organisations working with schools, groups and individuals across Australia, implementing programs which educate and promote youth mental health, as well as training and empowering staff, volunteers and community members to deliver programs.  We raise, collect and distribute funds to our endorsed beneficiary organisations.

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Our Supporters

We are so grateful to our many individual donors for their generous support.  In just a few short years, you’ve enabled us to grow our revenue by over 800% !


We also acknowledge the wonderful generosity and support of the following charitable foundations: 


  • Rosey Kids Foundation

  • Bet Lev Foundation

  • Michaela Arnott Foundation

  • River Capital Foundation

  • Modara Pines Charitable Foundation

  • Small Giants Catalyst Foundation

  • Frank Montagnese Foundation

Let us put our minds together and see

what life we can make for our children.

Sitting Bull

Thinking Positive a Brighter Future for Australian Youth Ltd


ABN: 41 628 214 906

62A Sutherland Road, Jannali NSW 2226

Phone: 1300 361 583

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