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Our Beneficiaries

We are proud to endorse the following organisations

the rites of passage.png

The Rites of Passage Institute has been supporting families for over 25 years, with transformative Rites of Passage programs, Mother-Son programs and student workshops designed to help young people become more responsible and resilient, and strengthen family relationships.

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The Royal Hood.png

The Royal Hood offers youth mentoring programs which allow parents to access the extra support they need.  Your child will be guided in discovering their identity and becoming more confident and resilient, to position them for the best possible future.

23_The Royal Hood.jpeg

iyarn is designed to improve student wellbeing and engagement.  Established to connect people through simple, powerful and flexible check ins, iyarn connects students, teachers, tutors, mentors and student welfare staff via a fast, secure platform.

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Teach Us Consent is an Australian registered not-for-profit which aims to reduce sexual assault and child abuse, through the delivery of effective education and e-safety initiatives alongside its youth-led cross-media campaigns.  It is driving change for mandatory, earlier and holistic consent education nationwide.

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The Growth Hunting Company works with schools to create social, emotional and positive wellbeing programs for their community. Working collaboratively with parents and teachers, The Growth Hunting Company aims to instigate a supportive culture.  

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